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Netflix tagger

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Netflix tagger Will Pay You $2,500 for Watching the Top Shows

Many people might feel overwhelmed by all the choices on Netflix. There are so many shows and movies to watch it can be hard to keep up. Did you know you could actually get paid to watch Netflix? It’s true! There’s a job called a Netflix tagger job where you watch stuff and help Netflix categorize it. It’s like turning your hobby into a job!

What is a Netflix Tagger Job?

A Netflix Tagger is someone who watches shows and movies on Netflix and adds labels or “tags” to them. These tags are like keywords that describe what the show or movie is about.

Why are Tags Important?

Tags help viewers find content that matches their interests. When you search for something on Netflix, the tags help narrow down the options to things you might like. For example, if you enjoy crime shows, tags like “Mystery,” “Thriller,” or “Detective” might lead you to shows like “Mindhunter” or “Sherlock.”

How Do Tags Help Netflix?

By using tags, Netflix can create specialized categories that cater to specific tastes. For instance, if you’ve just finished watching a gripping crime drama, Netflix might recommend similar shows or movies under a category like “Crime Thrillers” or “True Crime Stories.” This personalized recommendation system keeps viewers engaged and coming back for more.

The Role of Netflix Taggers

Netflix Taggers play a crucial role in maintaining Netflix’s popularity and user satisfaction. They watch a wide range of content and carefully assign relevant tags to each title. This ensures that the recommendations provided by Netflix are accurate and tailored to each viewer’s preferences.

Impact on Viewer Experience

The work of Netflix Taggers directly impacts the viewer experience. By accurately tagging content, they help viewers discover new shows and movies that they may not have found otherwise. This enhances the overall enjoyment of using Netflix and encourages continued subscription to the service.

How to Land a Gig as a Netflix Tagger:


Getting paid to watch Netflix sounds great, but it’s not easy to get this job. You can’t just have a Netflix account and expect to be hired. A Netflix Tagger interviewed by FastCompany in 2018 talked about her education. She had a degree in writing movies and a Master’s in studying films, which helped her get the job. Having a background in movies or entertainment can make you a better candidate for this job.

Check the Netflix Careers Website:

If you want to be a Netflix Tagger, you need to go to the Netflix jobs website. Check it often, like once a week, to see if they’re hiring Taggers. There are lots of people who want this job, so make sure your resume is ready to go. Put in lots of info about why you love movies and entertainment.

The Perks of Being a Netflix Tagger:

Being a Netflix Tagger has special rewards besides just getting paid to watch Netflix.

Stay Ahead of the Curve:

If you’re a Netflix Tagger, you get to watch new stuff before everyone else. That means you can enjoy awesome shows before everyone starts talking about them.

Enhance Your Viewing Experience:

Being a Tagger means paying close attention and really understanding what makes a show or movie great. This can help you like movies and storytelling even more.


Being a Netflix Tagger lets you choose when you work. So, if you love movies and have other stuff to do, it’s a great job on the side.

Networking Opportunities:

Even though being a Tagger is a special job, it can help you meet people in the entertainment business. You might make friends who can help you find other cool jobs.


In a time when many streaming services are fighting for your attention, Netflix Taggers helps you find stuff you’ll like. It’s a job where you get paid to watch Netflix and do what you love. If you want to turn your love for binge-watching into a job, keep an eye on Netflix’s jobs page and learn more about movies.

Netflix tagger

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September 25th, 2023
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