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Pakistan plans to establish 10,000 ‘E-Rozgar Centers’ for freelancers

Dr. Umar Saif, who looks after Information Technology in Pakistan, just shared a big idea. They want to create 10,000 unique places called E-Rozgar centers all over Pakistan. This plan starts on January 11. These places are meant to be super friendly for people who work on their own (like freelancers) or want to start their small businesses.

The reason for this plan is that around 1.5 million freelancers need better places to work. So, the government wants to make excellent centers with everything they need.

Think of it as making awesome spots for people who do things like drawing, writing, or starting small businesses but need a better place to do them. These new centers will fix that problem.

E-Rozgar Centers: A Solution for Freelancers

The main goal of the project is to make special places called E-Rozgar centers for freelancers and people starting small businesses. This is important because more and more freelancers work online, but they sometimes need to have all the things they need to do their work well. So, these special places will help them.

Need of E-Rozgar Centers:

More people are working on their own or starting small businesses, and they need good places to work. E-Rozgar Centers are here to help with that. These special places have all the things freelancers and small business owners need to do their work well. They are created because many people now work online, and having a good workspace is important. E-Rozgar Centers are the solution to this need, providing the right places for freelancers and start-ups to work comfortably.

The Digital Landscape and Freelancers:

In the always-changing digital world, freelancers need special tools and places to do their work well. The E-Rozgar centers want to help freelancers by giving them what they need to do great work online.

Impact on Investment and Employment:

Opening E-Rozgar centers together is supposed to bring good things for money and jobs in the country. These unique places are designed to make work easier and attract more money, creating new chances for people to find jobs.

Dr Umar’s Encouragement for Youth:

Dr. Umar Saif, when talking about E-Rozgar, told young people to think about starting their businesses. He said it would help them make more money each month and encouraged them to try working on their own.

Standardized Test for IT Graduates:

From January 7, a new plan will begin. It’s about giving a test to IT graduates through the Higher Education Commission. This test will check how good they are at their skills, and if they do well, they might get a chance to work and learn more (internship).

Addressing the Skill Gap:

The minister said there’s a big difference between the number of students learning about computers (about 75,000 each year) and the number of jobs for them (only 3,000). The test and internships are supposed to help fix this problem by making sure students have the right skills for the jobs available.

Potential Increase in IT Exports:

Dr. Umar is hopeful that the amount of money earned from selling IT things to other countries will go up a lot, maybe to $4 billion. This good feeling comes because the State Bank of Pakistan decided that companies can keep half of the money they make in dollars.

Empowering Youth with Info-Tech Skills:

The Ministry of IT and Telecom is busy doing things to help young people learn computer skills. Dr. Umar said they are really committed to making Pakistan’s education better by teaching these skills and making sure there are skilled people in the computer industry.

Future Employment Opportunities:

The ministry is planning projects to make sure young people in Pakistan have good jobs in the future. They want to do this by helping them learn things and get better at them so they can be really helpful in the computer industry.


Moving Pakistan Forward in Education:

In wrapping up, the ministry really wants to make education in Pakistan better by teaching computer skills. They also want young people to be strong and ready to handle the digital world. The E-Rozgar plan is a big part of making this happen.


In summary, saying there will be 10,000 E-Rozgar centers is a very important moment for people who work on their own and small businesses in Pakistan. This plan helps fix the problem of not having good places to work, makes it easier for more money to come in, creates more jobs, and makes young people stronger in the computer world.

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January 5th, 2024
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