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Remote Jobs

In 2024, find Remote Tech Jobs as a QA Engineer

Detail About Remote Tech Jobs

  • Job Title: QA Engineer
  • Company: Stebr, Inc.
  • Location: Fully Remote (Pakistan)
  • Start Date: Immediate

Job Description:

Stebr, Inc. is a tech company that’s all about creating cool new software for our clients. If you join us as a QA Engineer, you’ll be super important because you’ll make sure our software works great and doesn’t have any problems. We need someone who can work on their own but also be a team player. It’s all about being creative and paying close attention to every detail in the projects you work on.


  • Check the rules, details, and technical papers before starting something new to give helpful feedback and ideas.
  • Make detailed plans and tests to check if everything works well, is easy to use, and runs smoothly.
  • Decide what tests to do first and organize them so we finish on time, and everything works well.
  • Make and run automatic scripts using common tools to test things faster and more reliably.
  • Find, keep track of, and tell about problems in a good way, working closely with the people who make the software to fix them quickly.
  • Do careful testing to make sure any fixes or improvements don’t make the product less stable.
  • Design and implement testing processes tailored to the unique needs of each project, continuously improving quality assurance practices.
  • Work with different teams, such as developers, product managers, and designers, to understand the system’s needs and ensure it meets the business’s wants.
  • Watch how problems are fixed, figure out why the software isn’t working right, and help users learn how to use it when they need help.
  • Keep an eye on numbers that show how good our testing is, like the number of problems we find and the number left to fix. This helps us see where we can improve.
  • Keep learning about new tools and ways to test things better. We use these to make sure our products are really good.


  • Have worked in making software and checking if it’s good, showing that you’ve made really good software before.
  • Deep knowledge of QA methodologies, tools, and processes, with hands-on experience in writing clear and comprehensive test plans and cases.
  • I know a lot about checking whether software is good, including what tools to use and how to make clear testing plans.
  • Have used tools like Selenium or JUnit to test software automatically.
  • Solid understanding of SQL and scripting languages, enabling you to create and execute complex test scenarios.
  • Have worked in a way where teams collaborate and make software bit by bit, making sure it’s all coming together well.
  • Knowing how to test software’s functionality and keep it safe is good; it helps us make trustworthy software.
  • Having a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or something similar gives you a good start in knowing how to make software and follow the right rules.


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May 16th, 2024
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