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Flexible Remote Jobs

Remote Jobs

Explore Flexible Remote Jobs that pay well

Flexible Remote Jobs Pay you More

  • Position: Part-Time Fully Remote Sales Agent
  • Company: Used Conex
  • Location: Fully Flexible Remote Job within the United States
  • Job Type: Part-Time 
  • Positions: 1099 position
  • Time Zone: Flexible hours, Monday – Friday
  • Salary: Commission-based with high earning potential ($800 to $6,000+ per month)


  • Daily training
  • no phone job
  • excellent commission rates (45% of profit)
  • flexible schedule
  • great remote work culture/environment


  • Strong English grammar and communication skills
  • Persuasion and negotiation abilities
  • Ability to work independently and meet sales targets
  • Friendly demeanor and willingness to learn


  • No prior sales experience required, but a plus

Job Description:

  • Sell shipping containers part-time with a highly flexible schedule
  • Post ads, respond to messages, and send quotes
  • Sales Managers handle customer calls and closing deals

Company Information:

  • Shipping container company based in Tampa, Florida
  • Deliver shipping containers nationwide
  • Sell new and used shipping containers
  • High demand for shipping containers

Training and Support:

  • Daily training provided
  • Great pay and commission structure
  • Supportive work environment

Potential Earnings:

  • Average commission of $150-$200 per container sold
  • Potential to earn $800 to $6,000+ per month or more
  • The commission is 45% of the profit, not the container price


  • Digital nomads, stay-at-home moms, and part-time workers thrive in this role
  • Positive feedback on earning potential and work-life balance

Application Process:

  • Submit a quick application online
  • Receive the next steps for posting ads and getting started

Additional Information:

  • Sales agents can make thousands of dollars per month based on leads and efforts
  • Flexible working hours allow for a balanced work-life integration
  • Opportunity to work with a reputable company in the shipping container industry


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Flexible Remote Jobs
Remote Jobs

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May 16th, 2024
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