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25 best marketing side hustles to make extra money

In today’s fast-changing digital world, there are many extra ways to make extra money using these marketing side hustles. Whether you’re good at social media, writing, designing, or giving advice, there’s something for everyone. In this guide, we’ll talk about different jobs you can do on the side of marketing, what you’d be doing in those jobs, and how much you could earn.

Top 25 Marketing Side Hustles

Digital and Social Media Marketing

Nowadays, businesses need digital marketing to be seen online and connect with customers. Social media is super essential for getting the word out about a brand. Jobs in managing social media and advertising on platforms like Facebook and Instagram are really popular because they help companies reach more people.

1. Social Media Manager:

Social media managers are like the guardians of a brand’s online image. They create exciting posts, talk to people who follow the brand, and see how well the posts are doing on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Their job is to ensure the brand looks good online and that people are interested in what they share.

2. Social Media Ad Specialist:

In paid advertising, social media ad specialists are key players. They come up with and run ad campaigns to make sure businesses get the most out of their extra money and get people interested. They’re good at figuring out who to show the ads to, making the ads look great, and keeping an eye on how well they do on different social media platforms.

3. Online Ad Specialist:

Online ad specialists are experts at using platforms like Google Ads to bring more people to websites and help businesses make more sales. They do things like figuring out which words people are searching for, writing ads that catch their attention, and ensuring the right people see them. Their goal is to get the most out of every ad so that businesses get noticed and get more customers.

4. YouTube Channel Manager:

YouTube channel managers are responsible for ensuring a brand’s YouTube channel is awesome. They develop ideas for videos, make the videos, and track how many people are watching them. Their job is to ensure the brand gets noticed on YouTube and that people like what they see.

5. Instagram Marketing Specialist:

Instagram marketing specialists are good at using Instagram to make brands look cool. They plan what to post, determine which hashtags to operate and work with famous people to get more attention. Their job is to ensure brands are noticed on Instagram and that people like what they see enough to buy something.

6. TikTok Marketing Consultant:

TikTok marketing consultants are experts at using TikTok to make brands popular among younger people. They make fun videos, keep up with trends, and work with famous TikTok users to get more attention. Their job is to help brands stand out on TikTok and get people excited about them.

7. Pinterest Marketing Specialist:

Pinterest marketing specialists are good at using Pinterest to help businesses get noticed. They make cool pins, organize them nicely on boards, and sometimes pay to show them to more people. Their job is to ensure brands stand out on Pinterest and get more people interested in their offerings.

8. LinkedIn Profile Consultant:

LinkedIn profile consultants help people make their profiles on LinkedIn look awesome so they can find better jobs and connect with more people. They advise how to make the profile look better, appear in search results more often, and create a great impression. Their job is to help their clients stand out and look professional on LinkedIn.

Digital and Social Media Marketing

Content Creation and Management

Good content is super essential for marketing. It keeps people interested and makes them like a brand more. Content creators and writers are the ones who make this happen by writing stories and stuff that people like. Their job is to make sure people feel connected to a brand and want to do something, like buy a product or sign up for a service.

9. Content Writer:

Content writers are like really good storytellers. They write interesting articles, stories, and other stuff online to keep people interested and get them to do something. Their job is to come up with ideas, research, write well, and ensure their writing shows up when people search for it online.

10. Copywriter:

Copywriters are like wordsmiths who write words that make people want to buy stuff. They develop catchy phrases and write ads that make you want what they sell. Their job is to use words in a way that makes you feel like you need to take action, like buying something or signing up for a service.

11. Blogger:

Blogging is like a cool way to make extra money. People write about stuff they love, like cooking or fashion, and share it online. They get paid when companies put ads on their blog or when they recommend products and people buy them. It’s a fun way to share your interests and make some cash on the side.

12. Podcast Producer:

Podcast producers are like the bosses behind the scenes. They do many things, like finding exciting topics, inviting guests to talk, planning what everyone will say, and ensuring the podcast sounds good. They know how to make the content enjoyable, edit the audio, and keep people engaged.

13. E-book Writer:

E-book writers use what they know to make digital books about different things. They focus on specific groups of people and make extra money by sharing their knowledge. They do everything from researching and writing to making the book look nice and putting it out there for people to buy. It’s a way to make extra money without having to do much once the book is done.

14. Voice-over Artist:

Voice-over artists use their voices to talk in videos, tutorials, and other audio, making it more personal. They speak clearly and with feeling, making the words in the scripts sound interesting. They help make videos and audio content more exciting and enjoyable.Content Creation and Management

Design and Visuals

In today’s digital world, where pictures and visuals are super important, designers are like superheroes. Graphic designers, web designers, and product photographers create cool-looking stuff that catches your eye and helps brands tell their stories in a way that people understand.

15. Web Designer:

Web designers are like digital architects. They make websites look good and easy to use, showing what a brand is about. They decide how everything should look and work, making it easy for people to use their phones or computers.

16. Graphic Designer:

Graphic designers are like digital artists. They make cool pictures and stuff for ads and branding. They create logos, banners, and graphics for social media using their creativity and computer skills.

17. Product Photographer:

Product photographers take nice pictures of stuff that companies want to sell. They ensure the lighting is proper, and everything looks super good in the photos. Their pictures help convince people to buy things online.

18. Video Editor:

Video editors are like the builders of awesome videos. They take all the footage and make it look cool by adding music, effects, and graphics. Then, they make sure everything flows nicely before sharing it with others. They’re good at making stories come to life through video.Design and Visuals

Consulting and Strategy

Marketing consultants and strategists are like expert advisors for businesses. They give helpful advice on how to make a brand stand out, develop innovative marketing plans, and help companies grow. Whether it’s giving tips on public relations or coming up with cool brand ideas, they’re the ones who make sure brands connect well with people.

19. PR Consultant:

PR consultants are experts in making sure everyone sees a brand in a good way. They devise plans to talk to people, deal with the media, and fix problems if anything goes wrong. Their job is to make sure everyone thinks positively about a brand.

20. Brand Strategist:

Brand strategists are like the architects of a brand’s personality. They figure out what makes a brand special and how to tell people about it in a way that makes sense. They research what other brands are doing and devise plans to make their brand stand out.

21. Personal Branding Consultant:

Personal branding consultants help people become well-known in their field. They create content and manage their online presence to make them look excellent and knowledgeable. They build trust and respect for their clients in their industry.

22. SEO Consultant:

SEO consultants help websites show up higher in Google searches. They do this by finding the right words people search for, improving websites, and getting others to link to them. This helps more people find the website, leading to more potential customers.Consulting and Strategy

Email and Automation

Email marketing and automation make it easier for businesses to talk to customers. People get emails just for them, and companies can send them automatically. Email marketing and automation specialists help ensure these emails work well and help the business grow.

23. Email Marketing Specialist:

Email marketing specialists do essential jobs. They make emails that businesses send to people. They write interesting things in these emails and check if they work well. They use special tools to make sure the right people get the emails.

24. Marketing Automation Specialist:

Marketing automation specialists do a special job. They use computers to do marketing tasks automatically, like sending emails and posting on social media. This saves time and helps businesses work better.

25. CRM Specialist:

CRM specialists do an essential job. They help businesses use special software to keep track of their customers and make sales and marketing easier. They set up the software, make it work with other tools, and analyze data to help businesses understand their customers better.Email and Automation


In conclusion, there are many ways to make extra money in marketing. Whether you like social media, making content, designing, or giving advice, there’s something for you. You can work from home and use the internet to start your own thing. By using your talents and creativity, you can build a great career in marketing nowadays.


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